Place me with your Son

St Ignatius was accustomed to devotional prayers, such as novenas and petitions, and he often turned to Our Lady. He was known to have petitioned, “Place me with your Son”.

At La Storta, en route to Rome - as they were not able to make it to Jerusalem - his prayer was answered. Ignatius was presented a vision of Jesus carrying his cross. The Father spoke to Ignatius, "I shall be favorable to you in Rome." Then, the Father turned to Jesus and said, “I want you to take this man to serve us.” Jesus, with his cross at hand, looked at Ignatius and said, “We want you to serve us.”

Here, Ignatius is placed with Jesus in action - Jesus carrying his cross. This vision has become an icon of Ignatian spirituality. As we live Ignatian spirituality, we desire to become contemplatives-in-action, where our prayer leads us to service.

(adapted from David L. Fleming SJ, “Ignatian Ways of Serving”, Review of Ignatian Spirituality – XXXVIII, 3/2007.)