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A retreat, tending to our deepening authenticity

In the workshop ‘Introduction to Authentic Conversations’, we become more conscious of an experience of the presence of God through real conversation. In this deepening installation, the invitation is to grow in awareness of how personal – unique, nuanced and textured - this Lover’s language is.

When we converse in love our conversation becomes a place of conversion – we grow in love and aliveness. It is when we first allow the frontiers of our vulnerability to be salted with faith, we awaken to the juices of hope and salivate only for the love of God. As you listen to your yearning to deepen this conversation with Love, the call to deepen this conversation with neighbour finds you.

(Please note: Attendees must have attended 'Introduction to Authentic Conversation' or the 'Listening and Facilitate' course from the Office for Catechesis)

Dates/ Times:
Saturday, 3 Nov (10am) to Monday, 5 Nov (5pm) 2018

Contribution: $260 (non-AC), $300 (AC); inclusive of 3 SD sessions

Facilitator: Lance Ng

Register: PDF file or Online Form

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  1. VENUE for all programmes, unless otherwise stated, will be at the Hall of the Pilgrim, Kingsmead Centre.

  2. REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED for all our programmes.

  3. REGISTRATION IS CONFIRMED only on receipt of payment.

  4. NO DINNER IS PROVIDED ON THE DAY OF CHECK-IN in the evening. If in doubt please check with the Office.

  5. For non stay-in SEMINARS AND TALKS, registration begins 30 minutes before start time. Please be punctual.