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About Spiritual Direction

Who seeks spiritual direction?

According to Duane R. Bidwell in "Short Term Spiritual Guidance", five areas of concern frequently lead people to seek spiritual direction:

  • union with God

  • imitation of Christ

  • methods of prayer and forgiveness

  • making sense of foundational experiences, and

  • search for meaning in life.

What is expected in spiritual direction?

  • A retreatant is expected to spend time in prayer and reflection.

  • For stay-in retreats, a retreatant gets to meet her/his spiritual direction for about 45 mins to one hour once a day.

  • If a person desires to have regular spiritual direction (non stay-in), this can be arranged mutually with your spiritual director. Please call the Centre to enquire.

Who are the spiritual directors at Kingsmead Centre?

Besides priests, Kingsmead Centre also has a team of trained lay spiritual directors who are available to offer direction during your retreat. They are also available to journey with you on an ongoing basis.

Retreatants will be assigned to spiritual directors available on a first-come-first-served basis, unless there are exceptional reasons.

Stipend for your spiritual director

A retreat stipend of S$30 per session for the spiritual director is recommended.

Kingsmead Centre Spiritual Directors

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