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8 Victoria Park Road
Singapore 266492

tel: (65) 6467 6072
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About Kingsmead Centre

The emphasis of Kingsmead Centre is on Ignatian Spirituality and Counselling, aimed at helping people to become whole and well-integrated members of society.

The Centre offers a variety of programmes based on Ignatian spirituality, including retreats of various durations and forms, as well as seminars and workshops which are dedicated to helping individuals strengthen their faith and grow in spirituality, to discover a prayerful way to inner freedom, and to find God in all things. The Centre also provides counseling services to help people troubled by life's difficulties to heal and be whole.

A team of Spiritual Directors and Counsellors, including Jesuits and trained lay persons, are available to be a listener, guide, and companion on your spiritual journey, to help you discern how God is working in your life.


Historical Milestones

  • 21 October 1990: Kingsmead Centre was officially opened, coinciding with the twin celebrations of the 500 year anniversary of the birth of St Ignatius of Loyola (the founder of the Society of Jesus), and the 450 year anniversary of the formal approval of the Society of Jesus by Pope Paul III.

  • 2013: Kingsmead Centre was renovated to provide more facilities for individual spiritual direction. A new logo was also designed.

  • 2015: Kingsmead Centre celebrated its 25th anniversary.


A Living Spiritual Spring for All Seeking the Love of God


A Living Spirituality Renewing Relationships

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25th Anniversary
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