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Practicalities of being part of the CLC

The CLC is

  • a lay organisation;

  • lived out in a local communities of 6-12 people;

  • a common way of life based on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius;

  • composed of members from all walks of life; and

  • a venue for members to respond to God’s will in their lives.

As we gather in small local communities, we:

  • share with each other how God has been at work in our lives;

  • listen to each other’s stories so as to create a deep level of trust;

  • live out a discerning spirit to seek God’s desire for each member and as a community;

  • support one another in living out that desire; and

  • reflect upon our actions to ascertain if they are indeed consistent with God’s desires.

Current Status of the CLC-Singapore

The emerging Christian Life Community in Singapore is guided by the national community of the Christian Life Community-Hong Kong. As the Spirit leads both communities in discernment, a national community of the Jesuit region of Singapore and Malaysia may be established and recognised by the CLC World Community in the future.

Contact Us

Fr Gregory Tan, SJ
Ecclesiastical Assistant of CLC-Singapore
Address: 8 Victoria Park Road, Singapore 266492
Tel: 6467 6072

Mr Calvin Tam, Coordinator, CLC
Email: inchfan@gmail.com

CLC with Fr General Adolfo Nicolás, S.J.

click to read The Commissioning of the first CLC-Singapore group "Magis" on
2nd July 2011.

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