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8 Victoria Park Road
Singapore 266492

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25 years of service in
Spiritual Direction & Counselling

Nestled in an ambience of serenity, the Kingsmead Centre is a Jesuit Spirituality Centre for spiritual direction and counselling.It is located right next to the Church of St Ignatius. On 30 September 2015, it celebrated its 25th Anniversary.

Formerly known as the Centre of Ignatian Spirituality and Counselling (CISC), it was founded in 1988. Fr Paul Tan, S.J., then Regional Superior of the Jesuits in the Malaysia-Singapore region decided to convert the University students' hostel at Kingsmead Hall into a Jesuit novitiate and spirituality centre. The Centre's first Director was Fr Hilario Fernandez, S.J.. He established the primary goal of this ministry as being a spirituality centre that provides retreats, days of recollection, spiritual direction and counselling.

The Centre is staffed by a team of Jesuits and lay collaborators, comprising lay spiritual directors and counsellors. This team guide and accompany individuals who wish to enrich their spiritual journey as well as to discern how God is working in their lives.

In the last few years the Centre, under the leadership of Fr Paul Goh, S.J., and Fr Christopher, S.J., expanded its range of services. In addition to retreats and counselling, its programmes took on themed retreats, seminars and talks. Some of these programmes were conducted by overseas spiritual directors. For example, Margaret Silf (based in UK) conducted several talks and retreats on spirituality while Fr Matthew Linn, S.J. (from the States) gave a series of talks and retreats on healing.

In 2013 CISC was renamed Kingsmead Centre. It was also renovated to enhance its facilities.

Fr Charles Sim, S.J. was appointed Director of Kingsmead Centre in October 2015, after having completed his doctoral studies in Couple and Family Therapy at the University of Minnesota (USA). He is tasked with the responsibility of spurring the growth of this ministry. When asked what his vision is for the future of Kingsmead Centre, he responded, "In addition to the current services that we are offering, I would like to see Kingsmead Centre take on the role of a formation centre for prayer guides and spiritual directors, including lay counsellors for the Catholic Church. To bring spirituality to people wherever they are, in their homes, parishes, Catholic schools and organizations. I would like to eventually also spread our services beyond Singapore, e.g. collaborate with Jesuit retreat houses within the region, like Maranatha in Malaysia, Seven Fountains in Thailand and Cheung Chau Jesuit Retreat House in Hong Kong. Ultimately, we are here to provide a sacred space for people to encounter the dwelling presence of God, and to help heal the emotional wounds of those who need healing in their lives."

25th Anniversary Mass
at Hall of the Pilgrim,
Kingsmead Centre

(Mass was celebrated by Fr Colin Tan, SJ
and con-celebrated by Fr Charles Sim, SJ,
Fr James Tan, SJ (partly hidden) and
Fr Christopher Soh, SJ.

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